Pillars of Sustainability


At LDC, we are committed to protecting ecosystems, minimizing our environmental impact and preventing habitat destruction as a result of our activities. 

Losing land of high ecological value destroys habitats, has knock-on effects for climate change, adversely affects water retention and can disrupt local communities. Such land is vital to the health of our global ecosystem, and it is our company policy to preserve it to ensure the conservation of biodiversity.

To fulfil our commitment to protecting ecosystems, we work in the following ways

Developments in 2020

  • Our No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) commitment is a key focus for our palm and soy businesses, as detailed on pages XXX and XXX respectively
  • When extending facilities or developing new ones, we replace any habitats we have had to build over
  • We create and follow Biodiversity Protection and Conservation Plans at our farms in Brazil, where our citrus groves are spread over 25,000 hectares. In 2020, we planted over 49,000 native trees on these farms (see page XXX). 
  • Across our business lines, we train farmers in responsible agricultural practices that preserve habitats:

Coffee: We continued working with roaster partners and non-profit organizations on 15 coffee sustainability initiatives to promote good agricultural practices, agroforestry and conservation among farming communities (see page XXX).

Palm: In 2020, we trained over 1,000 independent smallholders in good agricultural practices, helping them gain RSPO certification (see page XXX).

Cotton: We helped train an additional 5,000 cotton farmers in more sustainable agricultural practices in Maharashtra, India, through our joint project with the Better Cotton Initiative and Puneet Enterprises (see page XXX).

Juice: Through our Programa Compartilhar (Share Program) we share information with our third-party fruit suppliers in Brazil on new technologies, traceability, biological control, sustainable farm management, and the responsible use of crop-protection products and fertilizers (see page XXX).

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