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Industrial Manager, Oilseeds Platform
Paraguaçu Paulista, Brazil
“LDC is a big multinational company, but the atmosphere is like a family company”

Ronis has worked for LDC for seven years. He is manager of the Paraguaçu Paulista oilseeds plant, and has a wide range of responsibilities. These vary from supervising the operations to monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs).

From a rural background, Ronis has deep roots in agriculture - both his parents were in the coffee business. In his current role, he enjoys managing complexities, making hard decisions quickly and building the best team possible.

According to Ronis, humility and willingness to learn are the two essential attributes for this business.

“Everything here is on a grand scale, and that’s impressive. But what I like most about LDC is the honesty and respect our leadership displays in their treatment of everyone, regardless of their position in the company.”

Ronis' Little-Known Fact:

During his teenage years, Ronis studied to become a priest

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